The Mail-It Map Story… so far

We’ve now sold 100,000 Australia Mail-It Maps 😀 And we’re getting ready to publish the 5th edition! It’s been through a few metamorphoses – some planned and some due to circumstance – but it certainly is a highlight of the year to reach 6 figures of sales 😉 Mail-It Maps keep family and friends posted […]

Map Magnets

At the beginning of this year we introduced a line of Map Magnets to our range of Map Journals, Mail-It Maps and Scrapbook packs ~ Regions covered by our Map Magnets We started off with 22 to test the water that covered the major cities such as Sydney Melbourne: Perth and the south west of Western Australia: […]

A Year On

I can barely believe that I’ve now been blogging a year 🙂 Last year on May 21st 2009 I put up my first post and from that acorn here I am 150 posts on 😉 As outlined in my About Us page I love landscape, maps and journaling ~ To this end I have written about the wonderful Australian […]

Off to the Fair

I’m off to the Fair in Sydney, Darling Harbour for a few days ~ Its a great opportunity to meet up face to face with our retailers from across the country 🙂 We’ve got our new range of Map Magnets (22 different regions) to take this year and also our new Special Edition Map Journal […]