Map Magnets

At the beginning of this year we introduced a line of Map Magnets to our range of Map Journals, Mail-It Maps and Scrapbook packs ~

Regions covered by our Map Magnets

We started off with 22 to test the water that covered the major cities such as Sydney

Sydney Map Magnet (on backing card)


Melbourne Map Magnet

Perth and the south west of Western Australia:

Perth Map Magnet (on backing card)

and Brisbane covering from Fraser Island down to Byron Bay:

Brisbane Map Magnet (on backing card)

We have just added another 8,  so we now have a total of 30 regions across Australia covered 🙂

The latest cover some of the more remote regions such as Bourke and Cameron Corner:

Bourke Map Magnet (on backing card)

Coober Pedy up to Alice Springs:

Coober Pedy Map Magnet

and the Gulf of Carpentaria

The Gulf of Carpentaria Map Magnet

…with lurking crocodile 😉

To see more, they’re on our website:

Happy travels 😀

11 thoughts on “Map Magnets

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    • Thanks Paul ~ They’re a fun and useful memento ~
      In fact I’d go as far as to say they really are a must have for any discerning fridge owner 😉

    • Funnily, I was thinking of something more along the lines of… beguiling, captivating, transports…
      but then I guess that’s the art of a copywriter isn’t it to be minimalistic, simple, to the point ~
      If not at times a little bland 😉

  2. The magnets are so fun! The closest thing I have is U.S. state-shaped magnets. I only buy a state magnet if I’ve actually stepped foot in the state. Last count I think I had about 33, but I need to add a few. Sometimes I display them on our fridge. My goal is to get all 50.

    • Can’t wait to hear when you’ve made it to 50!!!!
      We certainly get people contacting us to fill in the gaps from their travels with our map magnets 🙂

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