How to Make Mineral Resources Fun in School – Part 2

As part of our  CSR we operate a schools programme

as we believe learning should be fun!

We supply bundles of our pictorial maps in classroom lots to offer Australia school resources that will make learning and class projects more fun.

We supplied a primary school in Western Australia with a classroom bundle of our pictorial Australia maps earlier this year who collectively produced some great work illustrating Australia’s mineral resources, which I illustrated in Tuesday’s blog post ~ ‘How to Make Mineral Resources Fun in School ~ Part 1‘.

As an extension to this, they went on to create some beautiful illustrated stories about the people behind the discovery of these minerals, the pioneers and prospectors to outback Australia.

Going to Australia

Incorporating items out of our Australia Scrapbook Packs they produced this impressive display of work. (These jotting boxes will soon be available on our Downloads page)

My Journey to Australia

I love the way the children have explored the art of storytelling through the visual with their illustrations…

Carole’s Adventure Down Under

The written word in the cut out jotting boxes…

Beyond my Wildest Dreams

And the footprints… and arrows >>> that take you on their characters’ journeys ~

A Digger’s Tale

As you follow these pioneers, diggers and prospectors tales across the storyboard presentation, events are further shaped with their cutting and pasting additional adornments including sunbursts and Australian eucalyptus leaves.


The Story of a Prospector

Its always wonderful to see the work of students who have an inspirational teacher ~

Do you have children in school, or could your local school make use of our maps as a school resource and be part of a more inspirational means of the children’s learning?

Pass on the link above ~ And tell them to get in touch!

Have you used a Map Journal that you’d like to show off?

Leave a message in the comments so we can upload your images here ~

Where we’ve been seen


What do you think about making learning *fun*?

Join the conversation in the comments below

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