100 Aker Wood & the Acorn

100 Aker Wood –
The Perfect Story Map

Do you love the stories of Pooh Bear along with EH Shepherd’s gorgeous illustrations that adorn every page of AA Milne’s classic – The House at Pooh Corner?
And what about the the magical map of 100 aker wood, which in the original version appeared pasted across the end-papers inside the front and back covers of the book?

It is the perfect example of a pictorial story-map!

It not only visually illustrates the spatial relationship between Pooh’s home to those of his friends (and some of their relations).
But more significantly, it charmingly encapsulates some of Pooh’s more memorable moments such as:

  • where the Bee Tree is
  • where the Woozle wasn’t and
  • where the heffalump trap was set.

100 Aker Wood, the perfect example of a story map

Drawn by E. H. Shepard, 100 Aker Wood appeared (in black and white) on the endpapers of A.A. Milne’s book, Winnie the Pooh.

This story-map…

  • Simply summarizes on a single sheet Pooh’s stories 
  • It creates a visual keepsake illustrating Pooh’s trails and tales
  • And highlights Pooh’s many adventures…
  • So he can quietly reminisce and enjoy these moments over and over again (perhaps with a paw in a pot of honey), or show and share the shenanigans with family and friends in years to come and so keep these tales alive… forever.

It goes to show how simply a tale can be conveyed –

Maybe this is where my love of story maps began… 

The acorn for Journey Jottings was planted 🙂

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6 thoughts on “100 Aker Wood & the Acorn

  1. It is so absolutely charming and what a wonderful beginning for Journey Jottings. You’ve taken me back to my own childhood and days of reading to my own children when they were little.

    • It’s fascinating the little influences that cross our paths along the way, which unbeknownst to us at the time will potentially shape our future – But then Pooh and his friends are so full of wisdom I think everyone in some way could gain insights from reading his tales 🙂

  2. I love maps. When I was small we drew treasure maps and followed them around the neighbourhood on our hobby horses. I still remember how exciting it was. 🙂

    • From a simple acorn big things have grown!
      Journey Jottings is now in its 12th year… and we’ve sold over a quarter of a million travel memory products 😀

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