The Mail-It Map Story… so far

We’ve now sold 100,000 Australia Mail-It Maps 😀

And we’re getting ready to publish the 5th edition!

It’s been through a few metamorphoses – some planned and some due to circumstance – but it certainly is a highlight of the year to reach 6 figures of sales 😉

Mail-It Maps keep family and friends posted with where you are on the map, and what you’ve been doing in the boxes around the outside ~ Its more than a post card, but less laborious than a letter!

We printed the first edition on a cream coloured paper, which went out with gorgeous rusty red and ochre coloured envelopes that had speckled flecks in it.

Australia Mail-It Map 1st edition

I loved those envelopes – They conveyed the rustic Australian landscape and were 100% recycled.

However, the paper supplier, in their wisdom descided to discontinue it 🙁

So when we came to publish the second edition, we had to look elsewhere.

Now you’d think getting some earthy coloured, recycled envelopes would be a cinch … Think again.

I therefore decided to go in the opposite direction with more of a Ken Done approach – super colourful ~ And selected 8 rainbow colours –

I also wanted to illustrate on the cover just what it was, as being a new idea, not everyone immediately understood their concept –

Mail-It Map 2nd edition

The image above, is the revamped version but the immediate response was that it was too busy!

Then the printer had a problem with his press, resulting in them all having to be re-done.

I grabbed the opportunity to whip up another design using the upper right portion of the map to illustrate more literally what you were getting –

Journey Jottings Mail-It Map 3rd edition

I thought the wonderful peacock array of coloured envelopes looked such fun…

But sometimes too much choice is more confusing than helpful and shop keepers conveyed stories of their customers’ dilemma in trying to select which ‘one’ to go for ~ I’d say, what a great excuse to take two – but maybe I’m biased 😉

Wishing to oblige, for the 4th edition, we reduced the 8 colours back down to just four, keeping them more reflective of the Australian landscape.

And I also put a different section of the map on the cover.

Australia Mail-It Map 4th edition

Plus, on the back, illustrations showing you how they could be used

How to Use your Mail-It Map

So… where will the 5th edition go?


What would *YOU* like to see?

Do help by telling us in the comments below…

Then take a look and see how the 5th edition Australia Mail-It Map turned out

10 thoughts on “The Mail-It Map Story… so far

  1. Wow, what an achievement Linda, that’s fantastic!!

    I really love the 4th version of your envelopes, they’re really beautiful… Like the little explanatory notes as well. Let me think about ideas for version 5, I’ll get back to you 😉

    • Thank you so much Myriam 🙂
      Yes, I love the kangaroo and the echidna on the envelope, so I think they must stay –
      But am looking at a bit more of an enviro envelope for this next printing.

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  3. Wow! 100,000 sold. Fantastic! I also loved those first colours of the envelopes with the recycled paper. But the new ones look good too. Quite a creative journey in itself, getting to that point! The revised explanation on the front is excellent – tells it all in a nutshell. Brilliant!

    • Hey Marian ~
      Yes, we were sorely disappointed when the manufacturer discontinued that rusty red paper as it was not only a gorgeous colour but also 100% recycled + Aussie made, which is all part of our publishing creed – To be as locally made as possible, with as little impact on the environment too 🙂
      The 5th edition is being published in late January…
      I’ll put up a post as soon as I can get some images!

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