NEW Year & NEW 5th edition Mail-It Map about to be published

Today I signed off the proofs for our new

5th edition Australia Mail-It Map.

Its a point of no return when you’ve made what feels like a million decisions, and there’s no turning back as the printing plates are produced and the press starts to roll 😉

Each edition develops a character of its own as it evolves, responding to suggestions and input from *YOU* our end users, whilst keeping it accountable to our values and so reflect the heart of ‘why’ we do what we do.

This edition has happily reverted to being more environmentally conscious 🙂

Our first edition (which sold 50,000 copies) had no packaging! The envelopes were popped in the back of the display box, and the maps sat at the front… Sadly, a lot of customers only picked up the map at the front leaving a pile of envelopes accumulating at the back without a home.

We therefore relented to retailers’ demands when publishing the third and fourth editions, (read the Story so Far to find out what happened to the second edition! 🙂 ) inserting the map + envelope into a clear cello bag to keep the product together and pristine.

This time around, as you can see above the…

  • Packaging has been reduced to just a translucent paper band to keep the Mail-It Map and the envelope together until purchased

You may also notice just visible behind the map the enviro coloured envelope, which is 100% recycled, and hidden from view the printed image on the front that enhances the address.

Australia Mail-It Map 5th edition

There’s also:

  • Extra space for writing on the back of the A3 (42cm x 29.7cm) sized map…

in between the pointers of how to use it ~

i.e. Dotting your route on the Map… arrowing in where you’ve been and


…notating highlights in the jotting boxes

And if you’re familiar with our previous editions, you’ll have noticed we’ve broken away from the A3 folding down to a squarish A6 size, to an oblong presentation influenced by the old fashioned aerogramme shape.

We’re also really proud that not only are all of our products Australian Made, but like the 100-Mile Diet, in a bid to minimize our company’s ecological footprint we manufacture all elements of our products within 100 miles, which is great for the planet as well as  being good for local Brisbane businesses 🙂


But, more on that and the environmental measures our wonderful  printer takes another time…

At the moment I’m just looking forward to seeing and hearing what you all think of the new features 😉

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