Simply Summarizing your Year on a Single Sheet

At the end of each month during 2010 I looked back and notated the highlight of the preceeding 4 weeks in one of the boxes on an Australia Map Journal ~

The idea, quite simply, was to

simply summarize the year on a single sheet ~

So at year’s end I’d have my

2010 year at a glance

If you want to see the project developing month by month, here is the category link to 2010 as I entered each month’s highlight.

For a closer look at the finished sheet ~

Here is January to May 2010

During which time

  • We were featured in Giftrap Magazine
  • Published our special edition Australia Map Journal
  • Attended the Reed Gift trade Fair in Sydney
  • Spent 2 months in Scotland
  • Expanded the Map Magnet Range from 22 to 30 regions across Australia

And then June to December 2010

  • Spelt out why we do what we do with our sharewords 🙂 *highlight your holiday adventures*
  • Finalist in the Home based Business Awards ~ flew to Melbourne for presentation
  • Kimberleys Map Magnet a flyaway success in August, during the WA dry season
  • Our Alexa ranking went up, and with that we were included in the top 100 travel blogs list from around the world
  • We sold our 100,000th Australia Mail-It Map
  • Attended the ITE (Independent Travel Exchange) in Sydney
  • Put out our first retailers Newsletter

Being a person who tends to breeze over each milestone as I scuttle on to reach the next, I must say, looking at it now in its entirity, it was quite some year!

And for such a little monthly input the rewards of seeing how the business developed and grew over 12 months has way outweighed the effort/commitment to do it!

I’m really looking forward to doing it all over again to create my

2011 Year at a Glance

Care to join me? 😉

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11 thoughts on “Simply Summarizing your Year on a Single Sheet

    • Thanks Sally ~
      I’m hoping it will also be an inspiration and reminder to others to give it a try –

      It’s actually quite affirming that I have made advances, despite my not giving any of these events any credit at the time 😉

    • I also find my year flies by so quickly, I usually get to the end and find myself saying not only ‘where did that go’ but ‘what happened to/in that year’?!

      Taking stock once a month keeps me more ‘present’, as well as you say, feeling positive that yes… advances, in some form or another, are being made.

      I can definitely recommend, and look forward to comparing notes with you this time next year 😉

    • Thanks Ken ~
      So simple, but it is so effective 🙂
      The year flew by so fast, I’d never have realised what a great year 2010 was if it wasn’t for this LOL

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