Year at a glance – December 2010

At the end of each month throughout 2010 I’ve been using a Map Journal to notate a Journey Jottings *highlight*… So, at year’s end I’d have the year simply summarized on a single sheet!

My December 2010 highlight…

We produced our first retailers newsletter 🙂

I wanted to keep it simple ~ No fluff, just a few updates to keep our retailers abreast of our latest monthly news as to:

  • What’s happening
  • What’s hot
  • What’s topical
  • Highlights

As it was for retailers only, here is a slightly modified version of that first copy 🙂

I was thrilled with the response!

Some retailers took us up on the special Christmas bonus we offered; some who have been doing it tough since the GFC reconnected with us; some approached us to set up affiliate links on their websites, and some responded simply sharing season’s greetings!

It was fun solidifying our relationship.

To view each month’s highlight for 2010 as they were created on my Year at a Glance sheet throughout the year click on this 2010 link

On Tuesday I’ll reveal the WHOLE sheet for the Year 2010!

What highlights can you remember from your

2010 business year… or 2010 fitness year?

Do you care to join me in 2011 creating a Year at a Glance too? 😉

2 thoughts on “Year at a glance – December 2010

  1. The highlight of 2010 was discovering the love of photography in my family, was in my DNA.

    I hadn’t taken up photography, despite my fathers passion, as I was always bored with the usual family portraiture. I love family photos, but find the taking of them tedious.

    However, discovering an my abstract eye in the out of the way places has turned my inner world upside down. As a result, my outer world has shifted and stretched to unexpected dimensions.

    Love your blog Lindy, it’s so interesting.
    Catherine White recently posted..January 1 2011 single- mindedMy Profile

    • The beauty of your new found love are these unexpected avenues you’re now being inexplicably drawn down and exposed to as you explore the twists and turns being revealed in your new world of discovery.
      Thanks for sharing your 2010 *highlight*… looking forward to hearing about developments made during 2011 🙂

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