Food, glorious food

Being so close to the December festive season synonymous with feasting and making merry…

and then New Years resolutions, which so often involve diets 😉

The Facebook Travelling Tales theme this month is:



What delectable tasty’s have you relished?

What horrendous ‘foods’ have passed your lips?

What gastronomic delights have you savoured on your travels from around the world?

Suellen Hughes

While working in Asia I was often taken out to lunch by the local managers. During one such lunch in Seoul, Korea, I tasted a dish that I thought was a Goat curry. When I questioned my host he advised me that it was in fact a local delicacy…! I enquired whether these dogs were bred specifically for food to which he replied “no, plenty dog on streets”. To this day I’m not sure whether they were taking the Mickey or not.

Jean Doorn

In 1989 I walked with friend X the long distance path that roughly follows Offa’s Dyke. Clouds. Lot’s of clouds. Most of the days heavy with rain. Rain. We had a lot of it. Sun. We had more of that.

After a few days we got more and more tired. Rucksack of 20 kg. Walking 30 kilometers each day. Sleeping in a little tent in the middle of “nowhere”.

One evening we arrived at the top of another hill. Beauty is subject to inflation if you see it after every corner of the road. Tired. Looking for a place to sleep. I walked back to the house we just passed some minutes ago. Another night at a Bed-Breakfast? Wow, yes please. That would be nice. Warm hot bath. Comfortable bed. Something to eat?

Setback! No beds left. We discussed about what to next. The landlord of the Bed-Breakfast walked to us. “There is another Bed-Breakfast down the road. I just called. If you want to, you can stay there. Do you want a ride in my Landrover?” Yes please!

1 hour later. Shaved. Took a bath. Sitting in a warm and cozy room of a Manor. Music of  Crystal Gayle. Soup. Bread. Stew (cawl?). Wine. It was the best meal I ate in my life.

by Jean Doorn

Sally Foley-Lewis
One pretty disgusting food memory! On the ferry from Corsica to Marseilles, it was a horrible, crowded experience with a dining hall set up with long tables and buffet to one side. Oh the humanity! What I thought was a pretty safe looking cold meatloaf, amongst some very dodgy looking dishes, can only be described as ‘poo meatloaf’ (apologies for language but there is no other way to describe the disgusting-ness that was sitting on my plate)!
Now for a really nice food experience! (There have been plenty, so a recent one, from just last night): A seven course degustation with matching wine: food was based on fresh produce, much of it from around the Hunter Valley region (NSW). Excellent creativity on the plate; e.g. floral garnishes, smoking liquorice stalk, scallop and lemon curd, popcorn sorbet… All wines from the Hunter Valley all matched beautifully! Bliss! Made the trip to the Hunter very yummy!

by Sally Foley-Lewis

Annie Payne
In Victoria, Canada last year, I damaged my specs & asked a colleague to order for me. A huge Lemon Drop Martini appeared first, followed by a towering burger full of beef, onions & mushrooms and a mountain of HCDF fries (hand cut, double fried!!) & ending with a double choc brownie…..none of which I’d have ordered if only I could have read the menu!

by Annie Payne

Linda Fairbairn

My early cartography days were spent out in the Australian bush working for mineral exploration companies ~
During the day, we’d walk miles (mad dogs and English men!) over the craggy rugged rocks and red sand of the Aussie Pilbara outback.
Stopping far from camp at mid-day we’d make a small fire, kindled with spinifex grass, and boil up the billy for a cup of bush tea ~
As the water bubbled, we’d add the tea, along with a couple of freshly picked eucalyptus leaves, and after brewing would finally swing the billy by the handle around my head three times to settle the leaves.
Sitting in the pounding stinking heat, sipping on this hot elixir of tea, eucalyptus and smoke from the fire, breaking out in a fresh sweat would have to be the most refreshing, delicious drink imaginable 🙂

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    • I have to say Sally… So am I!!
      Such fun hearing these little anecdotes as they’re all so varied ~
      They say Twitter is a bit like being at a cocktail party, but I find these Facebook tales are like being at a dinner party with great friends 🙂

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