A Year On

I can barely believe that I’ve now been blogging a year 🙂

Last year on May 21st 2009 I put up my first post and from that acorn here I am 150 posts on 😉

100 Aker Wood and the Acorn

As outlined in my About Us page I love landscape, maps and journaling ~

Landscape, maps & journalling

To this end I have written about the wonderful Australian bush in the region where I live…

Blackboys Grass Trees

Grass Trees

And Scotland where I spent March & April this year watching the spring blossom…

Primroses and Celendine

…from winter’s icy grasp…

Posts with maps in them…

Mud Map

And journaling ideas

We’re here ~ Where are you? 😀

Last September, to emphasis how a journal transcends time, I started a series on September 27th reproducing journal extracts on the day they had been written 131 years previously recounting the voyage of  a Mr A Whelan as he sailed aboard an iron clipper called the Hesperides from London, to his new life in Australia, landing in Melbourne December 30th 1878.

As there were a hefty 97 entries, I then pulled out 10 posts that I felt epitomized the trip in a Summary of the Voyage, which included a close encounter with an iceberg, throwing a cat overboard for a good wind, and rough weather where waves washed into the living areas setting their cake afloat around the cabin!

Travel Journal

Sailing London to Melbourne Journal

So what stories await the telling for the coming year? Whatever, one thing’s for sure, I’ll be…

…tracking my trails & tales


Journey Jottings highlights holiday adventures


8 thoughts on “A Year On

  1. Congratulations Linda for a successful first year of blogging! You have achieved a lot and shared much travelling information and many photos to inspire us to get ‘out there’ and journey about. All the best to you for another exciting year of Journey Jottings 🙂

  2. Happy 1 Year Anniversary of beautiful journey blogging! I’ve only recently discovered your site but look forward to what more creativity you have in store this coming year.

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