I love trees, and because in Australia most of our trees are evergreens (primarily Eucalyptus) I get a real thrill at seeing the deciduous trees of Britain in their winter skeletal form And while this last tree is not deciduous… it seems appropriate the final photo should be a Scots Pine 😀

Some Scottish Wildlife

Nothing can beat spotting local wildlife on their home turf ~ During the first few days of my stay in Scotland I spotted this Cock Pheasant doing an evening patrol around the garden… Before departing over the garden wall – Later, with spring in the air I was privy to his courting ritual! …puffing up […]

Sculpture Treasure Hunt at Cairnsmore of Fleet Nature Reserve

Cairnsmore of Fleet is a National Nature Reserve covering just under 2,000 hectares of south-west Scotland. Made up of wild and open heather moorland, Cairnsmore itself is a large granite ‘hill’ (2331 feet/711 metres) that rises unforested from river valley to summit; yet as one enters the Reserve it is the rugged  ‘escarpment’ of the […]

Fungi, Moss and Lichen

Just before I left Australia in March I wrote a post about the autumn fungi I spotted on one of my last walks there ~ I associate fungi with the end of summer so was interested to see this tree fungi here in the Scottish spring! Whilst most was hanging on the underside of the tree… […]

Water in the Wood of Cree

The Wood of Cree outside of Newton Stewart in south-west Scotland is a beautiful stand of deciduous trees protected by the RSPB for the local wildlife ~ While the Forestry Commission in Scotland plant Spruce for timber production, Spruce trees support only 37 species, where oak trees support 284! Apart from the beautiful trees there are stunning […]

Our Scottish Neighbours

Our immediate neighbours on one side are a young family… And on the other side we have youngsters…. Otherwise, this is the neighbouring farm as seen over the garden fence… We went over to say hello during my first few days here in Scotland where we got to meet some of the livestock and their […]

What is this flower called?

Just spotted this gorgeous little flower protected under the tree’d canopy on the woodland floor ~ They have a ‘splodgy’ variegated leaf They only stand about 8 – 10cm tall The flower reminds part of cowslip – part red campion! The mix of coloured flowers on the one stem is simply beautiful And to see them […]