Some Scottish Wildlife

Nothing can beat spotting local wildlife on their home turf ~

During the first few days of my stay in Scotland I spotted this Cock Pheasant doing an evening patrol around the garden…

Before departing over the garden wall –

Later, with spring in the air I was privy to his courting ritual!

…puffing up his feathers peacock fashion…

but she wasn’t impressed, and departed over the garden wall…

Leaving the cock pheasant rejected 🙁

I have also had the fun of watching this brown hare having breakfast…

He had been having a spot of supper in the garden the night before but with the fading light the photos below are all a bit grainy ~

popping in for a spot of supper

and a wash before bed!

Then there’s the more common sights of a Thrush hopping about on the ground looking for grubs and worms…

a Wagtail coming by for a morning bath…

and these lovely Chaffinches I saw up at Clatteringshaws Loch

And this starling…

atop the barn gable 🙂

Post Script:

Just seen this cheeky leveret (a baby hare) scamper past my window…

I later went out to discover he’d enjoyed a snack of newly planted Sweet Peas… avoiding the snap peas and runner beans – obviously not so keen on vegetables!


4 thoughts on “Some Scottish Wildlife

  1. Nice photies
    I Love the ole hare, he was always a loner, never runs in a pack (a la rabbits), just gets on quietly with his life with just the occasional punch up around March time over the ladies, nothing too serious though.

  2. You lucky thing to see a hare! The whole first 21 years of my life in rural England and I’ve never seen one, they were quite rare in Cornwall but I don’t know if that’s still the case. Pheasants were a familiar site (and taste!). The courtship looks almost staged as if he’s set the daffodils up as props!

  3. When I first spotted the hare in the top field it looked so big my first response was – What is that wombat doing here?!! LOL
    When he later appeared for supper amongst the daffodils I thought my luck couldn’t get better until the morning when I spotted him snacking under a tree!
    The leveret was snapped literally outside the window as I sat (like now) at the computer 😀

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