Water in the Wood of Cree

The Wood of Cree outside of Newton Stewart in south-west Scotland is a beautiful stand of deciduous trees protected by the RSPB for the local wildlife ~ While the Forestry Commission in Scotland plant Spruce for timber production, Spruce trees support only 37 species, where oak trees support 284!

Apart from the beautiful trees there are stunning waterfalls as the river twists, turns and cascades down over rocks and through gorges to join the River Cree at the bottom of the valley.

3 thoughts on “Water in the Wood of Cree

  1. More lovely photos. Do you have one of those special lenses to make the waterfalls look good? I am supposed to be getting one for my birthday as well as a polarising lens. Unfortunately my camera is not slr and I am a complete novice but blogging has ignited a deeper interest in photogrpahy so now I am convinced i need an SLR!

    • Hi Charley ~
      I was busting to upgrade my camera situation having had a fabulous SLR in the past (now defunct) but for my blog of late I’ve been using a very simple digital dual lens camera, which allows for close ups as well as distance –
      The waterfall shots were mainly taken in failing (evening) light so the lens stayed open for longer to get sufficient exposure, hence the soft blurred effect of the moving water – So, not sure that I can really claim any technical merit on my part! 🙂

      Hi Kirsty ~ So pleased you are enjoying my trip to Scotland!
      Writing about what inspires you is fun – and as you rightly state – travelling is fun 😀

  2. How I am enjoying this trip! Loved the way you have focused on a theme for your posts & have a collections of photos. I’m sure blogging is so much easier when you’re travelling. I’m sure I could churn out more posts if I had my backpack on my back!!! 😉

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