Scottish Classics

There are some things that epitomise a place ~

Here are a few classics from my trip to Scotland…

Telephone Box

Milestone on side of road

24 miles forward, or 6 miles back!

Footpath Steps over Wall

Highland Cow 🙂

Bumble Bee collecting pollen from Heather

Mountain sheep

Scottish Loch

Standing stones ~ Cairn Holy

Farewell Dumfries & Galloway 🙂

Till next time 😀

3 thoughts on “Scottish Classics

  1. Hi Linda.

    great photos – just one small correction. its a
    ‘highland coo’ not highland cow. I think you need more time there – obviously not learning your Scot too well!

  2. Hi Julie ~ Was going to put ‘coo’ then thought everyone would think I’d made a typo 😀 LOL

    Hi Charley ~ Hilariously, the white sign on the tel box says it accepts ‘no coins’ – It seems we all have to hike around the countryside with plastic in our pockets – or a mobile 😉

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