‘T’ is for Taste – Happy Hints for Savouring your Holiday Foods

Taste – Holiday Foods Culinary delights from across the world excite our palate on a daily basis whether at home or abroad. And when in far flung destinations exotic herbs and spices fill the air and our nostrils. Foods, flavours and styles of preparation are synonymous with regions across the globe making local food part of a cultural […]

‘P’ is for Photos – Happy Hints for Holiday Memories

SNAP!   Oooooo LOOK at THAT! CLICK! SNAP! …and THAT! CLICK! SHUTTER! SNAP!!   Is this how your holiday goes? 😉 Snap happy!   Taking photographs is the quickest, easiest and most convenient way of recording your travels… Or, is it?   When I asked on Twitter: How do you record your trip for future posterity? […]

‘S’ is for Sounds – Happy Hints for Remembering your Trip

How do you remember your travel and holiday adventures? Photographs? Journal? Or do you engage alternative ways and means to ensure as the ‘ole grey matter turns a whiter shade of pale you’ll have the fun of recounting and recalling travelling tales from times past? Whilst photographs are one of the most commonly used mediums for their simplicity (point, […]

S is for Souvenir – Happy Hints for Remembering your Journey

First, let’s put the word ‘souvenir’ into context – What does ‘souvenir’ really mean? The word “souvenir” (as a noun) originates from the French, which literally means: ‘memory’ A thing you remember While ‘la memoire’ is your memory as a whole A ‘souvenir’ is a memory that you hold in this repository, and from which you recall […]

D is for Doodling – Happy Hints for Jotting your Journey

Last Saturday I tweeted a link to a previous post asking: “Do you write, draw or collect in your travel journal?” Ian, of @EagerExistance   replied: “write and collect.  what would i draw?”  So I answered: “Not so much ‘drawing’ as doing impressionistic doodles that’ll jog your memory better than words”   Having recently spent a […]

Are you an Aural, Visual or Kinaesthetic Person?

We each have five senses, but its primarily our ears, eyes and touch that perceive our surroundings and through which we communicate our learnings and experiences with others. We each have a preference or stronger leaning to one of our senses making us predominately an aural person a visual person or a kinaesthetic person. The simple […]

Do you write, draw or collect in your Travel Journal?

I’ve just unearthed some of my old travel journals during one of those sorting-clearing spring-cleaning sessions. A travel journal from one of my earliest trips through south-east Asia, and another from a more recent visit to France have re-surfaced, which between them span many miles of travel over many years. Viewing them side by side the […]