10 thoughts on “Carpet Python – Photo

  1. Know that feeling! I had a similar response when I found one curled up in our compost bin here at Samford in SE Qld. I stopped walking around outside in the dark after that.
    PS love your work!

    • LOL ~ Compost would have been a nice warm spot!
      You definitely need a torch in them thar hills ~
      Our house in northern NSW had verandas down two sides and one night (in the dark) I tripped over a python lying across my path, which despite giving it quite an (accidental) kick was totally unperturbed – It was me that leapt and recoiled 😉

    • And you’re an ex-Brisbane girl!!
      I saw a report from the Queensland Museum who often get calls from Brisbane residents who have ventured into their attics and found their rafters festooned with shed snake skins ~ Its estimated that in some suburbs evidence of Carpet Snake habitation is 50% of all houses.
      Where was it you lived? LOL 😉

    • Snakes always take me by surprise and, no matter what kind, momentarily take my breath away – LOL
      But once I know they’re there, I get quite mesmerized observing their unique skin patterns… as long as they stay put 😉

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