The Beach – A haven between two worlds

A beach is enticing, but what is it that makes it so alluring?

Blue sea… white sand… and thoughts of lying in the shade of a tree whilst listening to the water lapping up on the shore can’t help but wash waves of relaxation over you.

There are few people who have  ‘work’ associations with the beach, so it’s a place that has virtually a universal connectedness for rest, recuperation and unwinding from the toils of everyday life. Its a carefree zone ~ off limits to our daily trials and tribulations.

The beach is an area of abundant discovery ~

You never know what you might find washed up along a shoreline so there is a feeling of endless possibilities.

I spotted these beautiful flower pods washed up on the beach the other evening and seeing no immediate local source marveled at where they’d come from… How far had they floated and bobbed before coming to rest here?

Not far as it turned out! A few nights later their origination came to light ~ Mangrove flowers from just up the coast 😉

How blind I’d been not noticing them before, until seeing them isolated away from their every day environs.

A beach can offer great clarity.

While crabs straddle both land and sea…

for humans the beach demarcates the end of our landmass world and the beginning of a watery world, which for most of us will remain undiscovered below its shrouded glassy surface.

Going to the beach is a bit like going to the ends of the earth! While you can’t go any further (without getting wet!)  its far enough away from your daily strife to provide a safe haven, a respite from worldly worries.

The lure of the sea is undeniable. Even if one is not a seafaring person with aspirations of wanting to sail the high seas; or yearnings to explore its deep watery depths, that image of ‘Hope” peering out to sea reflects the feeling I get when I’m on the beach ~

a sense of optimism for the future ~

Homeward bound at sunset

There’s always something new on the horizon 😉

How do you feel when you go to the beach?

10 thoughts on “The Beach – A haven between two worlds

  1. It just so happens I am flying back to my beloved Manly, in Sydney next week. Ten to twelve weeks of living by the ocean, walking bear foot in the sand and swimming in the rock pools will shake off the dust of the streets of New York.

  2. I looooove the beach … for all of the reasons you describe. I used to live close enough to South Melbourne beach that a 30-minute walk at the end of the day was a perfect opportunity to clear my head and marvel at the ocean … I actually find it quite spiritual .. I feel the most at peace and grounded when at the beach.

    Wonder why I’m living at Samford …. ? 🙂

    Beautiful post Linda … thank you.

    • Hi Cat ~ Thanks for dropping by! 😉

      I’ve often wondered whether it’s the fact that humans are more than 50% water that draws us to it so? Like attracting like?!

      But sandy beaches also have the property that they feel so forgiving under foot as you sink into their soft squadgy surface and so symbolic the way waves wash up onto the shore and erase your footprints away leaving you feeling free and refreshed ~ With no mark left behind its as though you’re walking on air ~ definitely a spiritual experience 😀 LOL

  3. I love this, you’re so right – it is a haven between two worlds. I hadn’t thought of it that way before… it’s like living on the edge!

    I don’t get to the beach enough, but my plan is to work from the beach (thanks to modern technology) this coming summer. Divine Miss White, might see you down at Manly!


    • Sounds great a summer of working close to the beach ~
      Just don’t ever muddy the water and be tempted to take your modern technology with you ~
      Beaches deserve to be kept pristine/totally work free 😉

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