Solway Firth Coastal Walk

Due to the Icelandic volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajökull my stay in Scotland was extended 🙂

Making the most of the extra time, my sister and I did a coastal walk along the Solway Firth south of Dalbeatie between Sandyhills to Rockcliffe ~

Coastal Path

There is something gorgeous about walking a trail that winds along a stone walled cliff’s edge adorned with bright yellow gorse. Enjoying the anticipation of treading the trail ahead…

Our path went over the hill up to the right

…whilst taking satisfied glimpses behind of hills and dales now conquered, and peering down into sandy bays.

Sandy Bays

Sandy Bay

Spying cormorants…


and sea gulls

Sea Gulls

on the craggy rocks below

Rocky arch

And then doesn’t food always taste just the best out in the fresh air after an exerting morning 😀

Picnic at the halfway point 🙂

We’d passed salmon nets out to sea in the morning ~

Salmon Nets

and ancient ruined cottages in the afternoon

Ruined Cottage Window

decorated with dandelions!

Dandelion decoration!

Before climbing  the final hill… around the final headland…

Me on the Coastal Path

…before descending down to the shoreline…

On the home leg

…and along a shelled beach ~

A beach of shells

to our just reward!

Caramel Apple Granny Cake


3 thoughts on “Solway Firth Coastal Walk

  1. Great photos with jottings of your cliff-top trek Linda! Thanks so much for sharing with us just a little about your journeys whilst holidaying in the very picturesque south-west of Scotland.

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