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Where Journey Jottings began ~ 

Journey Jottings Map Journals came into being when I returned from a trip to the Northern Territory, Australia and felt my traditional travel journal just didn’t cut it when it came to showing and sharing with family and friends where I’d been on my travels and what adventures I’d had.

Personal travel journals (aka tomes) of the written word are wonderful for quiet reflective moments of solitary reminiscing, but what I needed was something more visually appealing. Something that would show my plotted journey simply summarized on a single sheet, and be more fun to share.

Our first Australia Map Journal was published in 2004 ~ I daringly printed this in just black and white, so it’s now fondly referred to as ‘market research’. Since then, its been through numerous metamorphoses until now (Jan 2010) it’s in its 4th edition.

How to Use your Journey Jottings Map Journal

Since joining Twitter and Facebook I’ve chatted to people across Australia on their holidays or on extended trips (as well as those wishing they were on holiday or travelling around Australia) and the topic of holiday memories is a recurring subject.

Map Journals are a great visual keepsake, that unlike a regular travel journal do not have to be started on page one, on day one, they can be started at any point during the trip – or even completed at the end of the trip before the memories fade into oblivion.

This ‘Journalling ~ Map Journals’ category is full of hot tips and tricks for getting the most out of our Map Journals.

Any questions, please add a comment here, or email me to ask!

Journey Jottings highlights holiday adventures

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