Some of my most fun and memorable travels started on a spontaneous whim

No time for preconceived notions, experiences were judged as they should be, on their merits, not on expectations of hope.
Jotting spontaneous notes, rather than planning and preening journal entries, is the same!
By worrying about the perfect opening phrase for your travel journal, the essence of the moment can be totally missed in a contrived composition.

Unlike a conventional book type travel journal, Map Journals have no beginning, no middle, nor end so entries can be made randomly, and spontaneously, in any one of the boxes that surround the map.

Spontaneity ~

Feeling elated about an amazing experience/sight? Jot down how you feel now while it’s fresh and vibrant in your mind – The important thing is not to think about it –

Let spontaneity capture the moment and you’ll be forever connected to that time and place…


“The essence of pleasure is spontaneity” Germaine Greer

But if you’re not quite so spontaneous…?

8 thoughts on “Spontaneity

  1. Thanks for your comment Kirsty 🙂
    Carpet pythons are very beautiful, particularly when coiled up asleep digesting dinner, like this one – but it did nonetheless take me aback when I spotted it – hence the eeek!! 😀

  2. Though it’s sleeping, but is the whole python!!! A spot is an amazing!
    Your jottings,themes are always exciting inspiring.It’s ‘spontaneity’ as you have told and consequently is interesting.
    Linda, thanks – a pleasant to read it.

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