Uluru – The Day I First Laid Eyes on Uluru (Ayers Rock)

After a 3am start to get to the airport for a 5am lift off to Uluru, we left the coastal humidity of Brisbane and flew into Australia’s heart – the Red Centre. Peering down onto the scrubby outback and gouged channel country from 35,000 feet we flew over flooded Lake Eyre and sparkling salt pans […]

The First Time I…

  1. The first time… I read a map, was a mud map my mother drew for me as an adventure to take the dog for a walk across the fields, through the spinney, around the edge of the yellow king-cup filled marsh, and up to the woodland that ran along the top of the ridge. 2. […]

Serendipitous Encounters on the Road

What’s the statistical chance of bumping into someone you know when in some far flung land, miles from home? Tales of a Traveller – Serendipitous Encounters Slow Boat to Sumatra We were sailing from Singapore to Sumatra aboard a rubber cargo boat that took just 12 passengers (the number that could fit horizontally on the […]

So, Who is Linda?

The wonderful Craig and Caz Makepiece of yTravel Blog hold a weekly “Post your URL”on their Facebook Page where a random participant is drawn and last week it was —–> ME!!<—– (Linda Fairbairn of Journey Jottings!) They promptly asked me some questions… and this is what I said 😉 1. So, who is Linda? Born in England, I […]

Sun Printing in the Great Sandy Desert

For about 4 years I worked in mineral exploration as a geological draughts-person. Working on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert I was contracting to a company in Perth, Western Australia, who saw the light in sending someone out into the field with the reconnaissance team, who could plot the grids and interpolate the […]