Music Travelling Tales – Part Two

Each month we call for travelling tales on our Facebook page, related to a theme ~

Last month it was for travelling tales about fathers

This month, one of our face book friends Jean suggested music as the theme.

We published Part one on Friday, here are another five

Evocative sounds you’ve heard on your travels that transpose you back there when you hear again



music you’d never leave home without and love truck’in along to!

Kaylene Higgs
“My music story: Backpacking Peru/Bolivia & Chile, This song El Condor Pasa played everywhere, at first I enjoyed the sweet sound of the peruvian pipes & even purchased a CD, now even when I watch a clip of Sth America on the travel shows I hear this song….it must almost be the national anthem :)…”

Charley Jones
“My Music story: School Jazz band tour I think in 1995 where we played big band jazz at venues across France and Switzerland, finishing up at the Montreaux Jazz Festival. At the time at age 15 I didn’t really appreciate how cool that was but it’s nice to look back on. In Australia, whenever I hear James Taylor it reminds me of a fantastic yacht delivery from Sydney to Adelaide and back where we listened to the best of album more times than I can remember. It reminds of me of stopping in refuge bay just round the corner from Wilsons Promontory, one of the loveliest places I’ve seen in Australia. ‘

Peace Mitchell
“My music story: we went to Africa for our honeymoon and took a month long trip on an overland truck through Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The Graceland soundtrack played as we drove through some of the most amazing landscape I have ever seen and that music always transports me right back there now.”

Catherine White
“For three years following the death of my nineteen year old son, I listened to Enigma. I found comfort in the rhythmic ballads. Yesterday, the first time in seven years, I was listening to Enigma while holding my four week old grand son. Gazing out the window, enjoying the new life in my arms, my grand sons father said, ‘this was Trevor’s favorite music.’
Astonished, I said I didn’t know that about Trevor. He said, ‘yeah, he asked me to get this album for him’.
Speechless at the timing, I looked at the name of the song to which I was listening, while enjoying this moment with my grand son, and son. It was ‘Return to Innocence.'”

Ian Berry:
“A balmy summer evening in Stevenage, 30 miles north of London in 1980. Every 70’s rocker’s dream – a chance to see the mighty Led Zeppelin in concert. Set for Saturday night, but with a full line up during the day, 50,000 (of the 150,000) were there by 8.00pm Friday, well lubricated with alcohol.
By 3.00am the crowd was on the move to the legendary natural amphitheatre at Knebworth House, getting to the gates by 5.30am to get within viewing distance. Then, the long wait! Bands all day included Todd Rundgren (the man behind Meatloaf) and Keith Richards with his own band. Plenty of booze, loads of other “substances” and not a single arrest!
The mighty Zeps finally appeared about 10.00pm and wow… what a show! A full 3.5 hours of rocking, rolling and stairway to heavening! They finished 1.30/2.00am and everybody went home happy despite 48 hours without sleep. Was it worth it? HELL YES! It proved to be their last ever UK concert so I’m forever grateful that I seized the opportunity.”

To hear the first five contributions from Israel, Ireland, Bali, Turkey and NZ click here for Part 1

Do you have an album you never leave home without when heading off down the road?


What amazing musical sounds have you heard on *YOUR* travels?
Join the conversation in the comments below 🙂

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