“My handwriting would spoil it”

is a common cry I hear when travellers first put their hands on a Journey Jottings Map Journal.

But here – Take inspiration from these beautiful scribbles scrawled across a scribbly gum tree – I think you’d be hard pressed to create anything looking more untidy – and yet, look at its charm!

Scribbles in nature on the bark of this scribbly gum tree trunk

And just see how beautiful scribbles can be!

I don’t think you can ever argue with nature, when it comes to beauty.


No matter how scrawly your handwriting, there is still a pattern to it and while when you start you may think it looks messy and imperfect I can assure you that when all the boxes are filled around the central pictorial map, full of all your exciting adventures, your own personal unifying style will actually bring the whole sheet together.

Natural scribbles on a Scribbly gum tree trunk

Even messy scribbles can create their own chaotic structure

No matter how ‘unruly’ you accuse yourself of it looking at the time, spontaneity speaks louder than words, and those quick scribbles recording your journey will convey the fun of moments otherwise lost over time as faded memories –

In years to come, it will be the essence of the experience your mind’s eye will reconstruct – and the furthest thing from your mind will be…

“Isn’t my handwriting a mess”!



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