Dawn Chorus

There are times I wish I was more of an early bird!

Glorious sunrises…


… and the magnificent dawn chorus, which is so beautiful to hear 🙂

Our feathered friends put on such an enthusiastic fanfare as they pour their heart out singing in the day –
I wish I got to hear it on a more regular basis!
Such a variety of tunes, including the butcher bird with his melodic aria.

Within an hour of the sun rising the ruckus settles as the more pressing task – foraging for food – gets under-way.

Oyster Catchers

It’s then only the odd cackle of a kookaburra who breaks the silence to clarify who’s the owner of this patch ~


This little group (there are three there!) frequently sit in the old gum tree outside my office window keeping an eagle eye out for unwelcome intruders.

Interspersed, of course, with diving off for the odd tasty morsel!

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