Post Office Passport Game

School holidays in Australia, can mean lengthy car trips with the children.
Whether that be going interstate to visit relatives, or simply going on a holiday to the beach ~

At a trade fair recently, a small Post Office owner was telling me how each Post Office has its own individual rubber-stamp specific to their location.
Looking at our Journey Jottings Map Journals and Mail-It Maps she smiled and said

“You have a great travelling eye spy game there!”

On a car journey, children must have their eyes peeled in order to eye spy the red Australia Post Office symbol.


Armed with either a Map Journal or Mail-It Map for using as their ‘Post Office Passport’ the children go into the Post Office to ask may they have their map uniquely stamped in one of the surrounding (jotting) boxes.

Eye Spy with my little eye a red and white Australia Post Sign!

Eye Spy with my little eye a red and white Australia Post Sign!


  • Keeps the children occupied en route
  • Gives a sense of purpose during pit stops and
  • A fun visual memento of every car trip having a map surrounded by rubber stamps commemorating all the places they’ve been ~Their very own Post Office Passport!

To give you an idea of what can be achieved check out this Post Office Stamps Map created from Post Office stops along Route 66 in America.

Route 66 Post Office Stamp Map
A great travelling game whether going on a long trip, short trip or even popping to the shops! 😉

5 thoughts on “Post Office Passport Game

    • Australia Post only states that there are 1,700 outlets that act as Passport Agencies – As not all POs offer this service I would estimate there must be about 5,000 across the country?

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