Travel Journal Topics


101 Ways to Use your Journal Map

My Three Best Travel Secrets

Journaling – Travel Memories

Why Not Tell Your Story with Doodle Drawings… as Well as Words?
We may not be an artist, but we can all doodle – The life of a story is in the detail, so tell your story with a few doodle pictures and see it come to life

Travel Notebooks
New Publication: Our gorgeous 28 page A6 travel notebook features Linda’s drawings of Australian plants, animals and 8 mini-maps. With regional pictorial maps on the covers.

Travel Journal Ideas – Why Write When You Can Have a Travel Story-Map?
Looking for travel journal ideas? Linda shows you how easy it is to create a visual travel story-map illustrating travel between two places with a wavy line

Happy Hints to Creating a Fun Travel Journal

‘En Plein Air’… Happy Hints for Breathing In your Travels
My biggest joy from trying ‘en plein air’ has been the most wonderful experience of stopping. Looking (really looking) and etching the scene into my memory

‘T’ is for Taste – Happy Hints for Savouring your Holiday
How do you capture and recall the sens{e}ational experiences of holiday foods full of taste? Discover new ways to re-experience your holiday taste.





Journey Jottings... highlights your holiday adventures

















2 thoughts on “Travel Journal Topics

  1. Are these goodies exclusively for Australia or do you do them for other countries as well? They are amazing!

    • Hi Adrianne ~
      This range of Map Journals etc is just for Australia –
      However I am working on a travel journal that will be for use worldwide 🙂

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