Year at a Glance – February 2011

Each month, I grab one of our Map Journals and enter a *highlight* in one of the eleven boxes that surround the central pictorial map of Australia.

When 2011 comes to a close, I can then re-view the year neatly

summarized on a single sheet ~

My advancements, my successes, things I’ve achieved or done but which, (I don’t know about you) I have a tendency to overlook at the time as I rush on to the next thing on my To Do list  ~ In other words I rarely take the time to appreciate my Ta Da’s 😉 (sung out in a rising crescendo)

We’re all familiar with using an at a glance planner or an at a glance wall calendar ~ well, this is a way to see your 2011 Year at a glance 🙂

Our January highlight was the first of our locally made Map Magnets rolling off the production line here in Brisbane (amidst the flooding Brisbane River)

So, what was February’s highlight?

The 5th edition of our Mail-It Map successfully published!

Having sold 100,000 Mail-It Maps of previous editions we reviewed what twists and turns we’d taken on the Mail-It Map journey and made some changes…

We went from a folded C6 to a DL size, so changed the envelopes to a long 100% Australian made recycled eco-envelope to go with the new shape.

We’re also thrilled to bits with the funky translucent paper band packaging ~

Do you like it?

What was your February *highlight*?


Add it in the comments below for posterity 😉

2 thoughts on “Year at a Glance – February 2011

  1. To answer your question, my February highlight was all the behind the scenes work for our first exhibition in salon diplomatiKa.

    No it’s not a free plug, from brainstorming ideas, to the execution our first little online event has been a stimulating experiment.

    Congratulations on the Mail-It Maps, that’s quite an achievement Lindy.

    *** round of applause ***
    Catherine White recently posted..To see the world through a narrow lensMy Profile

    • I’ve just added a link to your salon diplomatiKa site as the concept of presenting online group exhibitions of artist’s work is one that is worthy of sharing with the world ~ whilst celebrating as your *highlight* of the month 😉

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