31st October 1878 – 35th day

“Up at 6.30. Another calm day with occasional showers. Arthur fishing for Dolphins & Benita at the end of the bowsprit while I am looking on. You all know fishing is not my failing. Today we have 11 vessels in view 3 of which we have spoken & who turn out to be the Helen from London to Hobart-Town 35 days out, the Loch Urr of Liverpool from London & the last the Hethelred from London to Sydney the same ship we could not find out the name of for some days since.


We were also close to a whaler and could distinctly see the smoke from the fires they were burning in melting the blubber. We are now 6 deg. N of the line and 24 deg. W so that we ought to be there by Sunday. Saw a shark after tea & tried to land him but he wouldn’t take the 7lb of salt pork we offered him. I have just heard why the whale would not have Jonah any longer it was because Jonah was addicted to chewing and spat so dreadfully that the whale was sick. Brethren go and do ye likewise. Another rainwater bath & bed at 10.”

Extract from A.Whelen’s travel diary aboard the Hesperides sailing to Australia from England in 1878

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