1st November 1878 – 36th day

“Up at 6, it is still very sultry & Cergou (ships name for oatmeal porridge) is so very filling.


But I must not grumble for now is the time to eat drink & be merry for soon we shall be in the promised land. I am getting quite religious (as you will observe) under the influence of our pious friend A.T. Mundy Esquire*. (*Arthur/Joey)  Had salt fish (monk fish) for dinner. The smell from it is almost enough to raise a spirit from the grave but with the aid of a little pepper & vinegar I managed to tackle it and dispose of my full share. Arthur & I are the only ones that eat everything but even with us it goes against the grain to set them an example by eating things we don’t like ourselves. Bed at 11”

Extract from A.Whelen’s travel journal sailing from England to Australia in 1878 aboard the iron clipper ‘Hesperides’

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