Australia Road Trip Stamps by Australia Post

Australia Road Trip Stamps

Have you seen these fun Australia Post Road Trip stamps?

Australia Post Road Trip Stamps

Released on the 18th September 2012, the collector’s first day of issue is postmarked ‘Wandering, WA 6308′.

Australia Post says on their website that Australians and road trips go hand-in-hand – partly as a rite of passage, but partly out of necessity, due to the extensive distances between towns.

While travel as a rite of passage initiated in the late 1600’s when men of means in aristocratic Europe toured to broaden their knowledge and understanding of culture, the first official road trip was in Germany in 1888.
Bertha Benz took a day to drive 104km (65miles) with her teenage children from Mannheim to Pforzheim in her husband’s first patented automobile.

Since then road trips have become part of our global psych as we focus more on the journey not the destination.

The Australia Road Trip stamps feature five regions around Australia.

Australia Road Trip Stamp




The International $2.35 Road Trip Australia stamp features Camel Racing in Alice Springs, NT





Australia Road Trip Stamp






Australia Post International stamp $1.65 features Little Penguins on Phillip Island, Victoria.




Road Trip Australia Stamp





There are 3 x 60c stamps for use in Australia ~

Port Arthur, Tasmania (and a now extinct thylacine or Tasmanian tiger)



Road Trip Australia stamp






The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, with flower power combi bus – a classic Australia road trip icon.



Australia Road Trip Stamp








Margaret River, wine region in WA




There are some great Australia road trips to be had here:

Australian Road Trips

Say the words ‘road trip’and my desire to explore fresh regions and investigate new horizons is ignited!

Do these Australia Road Trip stamps inspire you to hit the road? 😉


Where has your Australia road trip taken *you*?

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14 thoughts on “Australia Road Trip Stamps by Australia Post

  1. These are gorgeous. Beautifully designed and cheery colours and yes, the Barrier Reef stamp in particular inspires me to want to hit the road and head north! ….then while I’m at it, head west to NT and on to north western WA… and then… and … 🙂

  2. Thanks for alerting us to these beautiful Road Trip stamps Linda. Whilst I think I’d rather be cruising than driving around in a “violet Combie”, I will certainly be looking out for the stamps at the post office – they are wonderful pieces of art – might even frame the whole series…

    • I used to have a 2CV…
      Although not in Australia!
      And also a Morry Minor for that matter (but mine was a convertable – not the ‘estate’ (station wagon) )
      Fun times and trips 😉

  3. Haha! The only reason these great stamps DON’T inspire me to hit the road is because I’m already inspired. We worked out if we added up all our travels, we’d pretty much gone right round OZ – now we just have to fill in the gaps of what we didn’t get to see along the way!! That may not sound like much – but it’s quite possibly the biggest part of our travels!!
    Red Nomad OZ recently posted..Save the Poor Bustard!My Profile

    • Like you, I don’t really need extra inspiration to make me want to pack my bag and hit the road –
      But I love these designs and it’ll be fun receiving mail with these cheery stamps brightening the envelopes 🙂

  4. Hi Linda,
    I’m so happy to meet you! You recently followed me on Twitter and I thought I’d check out your website. So fun!
    Now here’s the funny thing — I bought one of your Journey Jottings back in 2008 when Conrad and I toured around Australia. I loved the concept right away and knew my mother would enjoy seeing the map and jottings. I sent the completed map to her and she kept it tacked to the wall for several years!
    I wish you would expand your products to include all countries, so we can all get one for each country traveled and send back to loved ones at home. The grandkids would love the puzzle postcards.
    So glad we could “meet!” Do keep in touch.
    Josie recently posted..New Year’s Eve in Baltimore, U.S.A. — A Photo EssayMy Profile

    • I love the accessibility and serendipity of Twitter –
      I do hope your Mum folded up and put away somewhere ‘safe’ that map from your Aussie trip so one day you can take another trip around Australia in a Journey Jottings memory format! 🙂
      I’ve taken your suggestion on board re more countries… Are you staying in the States this year?

      • Hi Linda,
        Good idea to recreate our first trip to Australia using the previous “Jottings.” It’s a mighty big place and we’d love to explore more of your lovely country.
        Conrad and I are U.S. citizens and yes, we’ve been house sitting here in Baltimore for the past year — soon to end in March.
        Re: More countries jottings. Let me know if/when this comes about!
        Thanks for all the social media connecting!
        Josie recently posted..New Year’s Eve in Baltimore, U.S.A. — A Photo EssayMy Profile

        • How fabulous getting a year long house sitting assignment –
          I’ll be keeping an eye out to see where you’re off to next!
          (Loved reading about your Spanish adventure by the way!)

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