Let’s Not Beat About the Bush – We’ve got a New Website!

Are you reading this in your Inbox?
Or scrolling down your RSS feed?

Well today, I suggest you read it on the Journey Jottings website 😉


Because we’ve got a NEW website full of eye candy.

If you’d dropped by our website this time last week, this is where you’d have landed –

Old Home page Journey Jottings

Plumb bang in the middle of the Introduction page – where we left you to flounder around to see how many of you could find your way to the map product you’d come looking for – Surprise, surprise, through no fault of your own, most didn’t do too well, to the point you’d have to email us to ask just how could you buy one of our products!

Not what you’d call user friendly.

Drop by today and you’re greeted by this navigation panel asking…

New Home Page Journey Jottings

  • Do you need to know more about Journey Jottings, by way of an Introduction?
  • You simply want to cut to the chase and Buy Now!
  • Contact us? Here every conceivable contact configuration is a mere click away 🙂

then a roll of the scroll wheel will have you here, in the lower half of the Home page screen.

Journey Jottings

But back to the poor lost souls who we’d now received pleas of help from via email, we’d give another clue pointing to the ‘maps’ page, where they’d have to scrabble down the mire is search of the Add to Cart button.

Australia Map Journal

Now If you’d like to see a few more details about one of our map products  we offer a gallery of additional images by clicking on thumbnails – Here’s what the Special Edition Australia Map Journal section looks like:

Australia Map Journal

But more importantly, everything is navigable via the drop down menu bar along the top that’s accessible from every page whether you’re reading a blog post and want a quick click link to another topic we talk about…

Drop down menu so every page is only a click away or want to check out another product page –

Australia Range of Maps, Magnets and Puzzle Postcards

Last week, this is what you’d have seen if dropping by to read a blog post on our site

Old blog post on Journey JottingsThis week (if you’re not already here) 😉

Journey Jottings Blog


And I possibly shouldn’t spoil the surprise, but if you want to leave a comment at the bottom, this is the aerogramme you’ll have the fun of posting 🙂

Aerogramme Comment BoxNow, can you resist?

Of course I’d love to take all the credit for this transformation, but I’ll fess up and share the glory with Simon who not only designed the quietly sophisticated layout that reflects our brand but also developed all the whizz bang widgets and pretty painterly buttons for us to enjoy pressing.

Scroll on down & post us a comment telling us

what do *you* think of the new design? 🙂

Banner Journey Jottings

18 thoughts on “Let’s Not Beat About the Bush – We’ve got a New Website!

  1. WOW! Love your new site Linda. It feels like I’m on holidays 🙂

    Looks fabulous and much easier to find my way around all of your great products.

    This comments box is fun. Well done.

    • Not being able to find a post or a page on a site more than a fluky first is a pet peeve of mine, so having no information more than a couple of clicks away was a major criteria –
      Great to hear its working 🙂

    • Posting your comment via an aerogramme is fun isn’t it!
      Loving the new look I have to say – and even more so the functionality…
      Thrilled with the outcome 🙂

  2. Love it! It all works beautifully and seamlessly together, and is clear & easy to navigate!

    Hope the readers (if any!!) who find their way here from my White Cliffs scenic loo post appreciate it too!!

    PS Maybe it’s just me, but is the ‘add post’ thing at the end of the comments working?

    • So pleased you like it 🙂
      Love your Ozzie scenic dunny posts – what an auspicious place for my Map Journals to get a mention!
      Love hearing about your Journey Jottings sighting as you travel –
      It would make a great guest post if you’d like to collate them!

      PS Sorry the ‘sharing your blog’ link didn’t work for you – I’m onto it 🙂

  3. Hi Linda, love the clean new look. Much classier and more exciting too. Especially the comments box and especially now you’ve used my suggestions to make it even better;)

    Really excited that this is a new beginning for you and look forward to hearing about the increase in sales which I’m sure will come.

    Nice job sista;)

    • Thanks so much for your support Annabel and your great suggestion to differentiate the fields better in the comments box (now implemented)

      Will keep you posted on how people respond –
      Hopefully ‘off to Great Places… off and away!’ 😀

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