13th December 1878 – 78th day

“Heard this morning that we had had a very bad night; they thought that once or twice that our house would cave in as one green wave went right over & fell on the other side with a crash.

Ship in a rough sea

I heard nothing whatever of all this as I am a good sleeper, but the ladies & the rest were awake nearly all night & are therefore resting themselves this morning. The wind has been fair all day but not so strong; we are only doing 8 knots an hour. The last two days we did 300 & 245 respectively which is very good. Have got a dry house to sleep in tonight which is quite a treat. Store day today & I hope next Friday may prove to be the last.”

On this day in 1878 A.Whelen hand wrote this entry in his journal sailing from England in 1878 aboard the iron clipper ‘Hesperides’


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