Linda’s mantra is highlighting holiday memories… forever.

Linda Fairbairn, founder & creator of Journey Jottings



Linda Fairbairn founded Journey Jottings in 2003 when she came up with the novel idea of combining a Map with a Journal.

Linda Fairbairn drafting a Journey Jottings pictorial map in her studio



The first Australia Map Journal was published in 2004.



Linda Fairbairn checking Australia Map Journal proof prior to printing



The Australia Map Journal has since been redrawn and, in its signature plastic travel wallet, is in its 4th edition.


Linda Fairbairn working on Journey Jottings’ Australia Range



The 5th edition is a Special deluxe version in a beautiful textured card travel wallet.

Journey Jottings helps holidaymakers remember where they’ve been!




The unique Australia Mail-It Map came out in 2005.

It is now in its 5th edition.

We also do a Map Journal and a Mail-It Map for Central Australia.


In between all the day to day rigmarole of drawing, telephoning retailers and packing…

Journey Jottings orders ready for dispatchPhil Smyrk, Journey Jottings Customer Service Manager







Linda constantly creates fresh content for her Journey Jottings travel blog where she inspires you to dream of places to go, incorporates enough information so you can start to make plans, and encourages all to get involved is less traditional methods of travel journalling that are fun to revisit when that moment for nostalgia strikes as well as sharing with family and friends -
To this end she’s created a fabulous new series:

How to Travel Journal Like a Map-Maker

Journey Jottings’ roving sandwich-board

Interview with Linda

Career FAQ interviewed Linda as part of their Entrepreneur career stories segment.

Click the Career FAQ icon below to read the whole story about how she started:

In The Press

Journey Jottings In Giftrap


‘Giftrap’ Magazine

“Australian made products” feature

Australian Traveller Cover - Dec '08/Jan '09 



‘Australian Traveller’ Magazine

Feature (below)

Australian Traveller - Journey Jottings Article


Home Based Business Awards Finalist

Reed Gift Awards Finalist

Australian Memento Awards




Linda Fairbairn Home Based Business Awards



Linda, receiving her award from the Hon. Dr Craig Emerson M.P., Federal Minister for Small Business, Independent Contractors and the Service Economy.



 I was recently on holiday in NT and came across your wonderful maps of the red centre – snapped up a few to fill in to send to my dad and sister back in England and kept one for myself as a diary/souvenir. My family were thrilled with them as it gave them a visual sense of where I’d been and what I’d done and was far more expressive than a postcard!

Emma, Tasmania


I live in Canada and have just returned from a month’s trip to Australia.
In August, when we were visiting the Red Centre, I saw your Australia Map Journal posted on a shop wall. The map was obviously frequently read because it had developed a well-fingered “we are here” spot.

As a travelling, journalling map lover… the Map Journal has been a great pleasure to read and use, with its lovely illustrations and lettering, the fine paper that takes a pen so well, and the protective wallet to keep it safe in my backpack.

Now it is the first thing I turn to when I want to recall and share my trip memories.
Thank you for sharing your creativity and love of maps.
Debra Arnison-Sutton, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


I must say your little display stands are very well designed and constructed

Lyndal, The Language People

Radio Interview

Linda was interviewed on the radio by the Coodabeens in the final segment of this one hour broadcast of the Idlers. Listen to this podcast on the ABC website:


Hear the Idlers on Recording your Travels – and Ted Egan Idlers audio.

About The Maps

About The MapsMost maps tell you where to go, Journey Jottings tell you where you’ve been!

Hand drawn in pen and ink these pictorial maps of Australia are printed on textured paper where open roads await the journey to be dotted with surrounding space for memorable moments to be jotted.

Summarizing your trip for personal reflection they also offer a spatial relationship for when showing the photographs, or a visual complement to written journals, forever connecting those holiday experiences with today.

Map Journals come tucked in a travel wallet leaving the back pocket free for ticket stubs and memorabilia, whilst the Mail-It Map comes with a coloured envelope for keeping family and friends posted en route.

Succinctly snap-shotting entire landscapes on a single sheet these maps capture places visited and arouse a satisfied sense of accomplishment when reminiscing.

Most maps are synonymous with navigation, but as Sir Francis Chichester said,

“To a man of imagination, a map is a window to adventure”.

Journey Jottings Map JournalJourney Jottings maps exude a feeling that somewhere an ‘X’ marks the spot… But its discovery lies in the hand of the traveller whose journey is encapsulated in this visual keepsake.