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Most maps tell you where to go…

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Journey Jottings help you remember where you’ve been.

No matter how exciting your trip, exotic the location, or wild the adventure… memories fade.


Our unique pictorial Journal Maps and Mail-It Maps are fun and an easy way to record and share your Australian holiday adventures. It’s as simple as plotting your route on the map and jotting down your travel highlights.

As keepsakes, they will always remind you of places visited, sights seen and adventures enjoyed.

travel memories


Journal Maps let you summarise your trip on a single sheet to create a fun keepsake – brilliant for sharing your holiday highlights or for reminiscing.

Dot your route along the highways and byways you travelled. (Dots are easier than a continuous line, which no matter how hard you try, never wants to stay within the bounds of the trail you ventured along.)

travel memories


But if you flew?

Just dash your flight path (use a ruler for straight lines).

How about using different colours for your travels by car, bus, train, plane, boat… ?

travel memories



In those inviting empty boxes surrounding the pictorial map, jot down placenames, who you met, stories of your adventures, hilarious highlights, or memorable moments.

travel memories

Or paste reminders of those special times – photos, snippings from brochures, tickets to the attractions you visited…

travel memories





Connect the jotting boxes to their places on the map with arrows.






A special place you visited not marked on the map? Use self-adhesive labels to highlight it.







Journal Maps come in a two-pocket, clear plastic wallet that protects the map in the front pocket and preserves every true traveller’s treasure trove of ticket stubs, souvenirs and memorabilia in the back pocket.

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As a bonus for the children we’ve created a “Find the Animals” game! There are 27 different Australian animals to be found on the Journal Map and the Mail-It Map – Pop over to our Downloads page to download that for FREE!

Spot the Australian Animals game

Mail-It Maps keep family and friends posted while you’re away on your travels.

Plot your route on the pictorial map, add a few tantalising tales in the jotting boxes, and pop in the environmentally friendly envelope to share your adventures with those back home!

travel memories

More than a postcard — less laborious than a letter!

We also have Puzzle Postcards where the recipient has to piece the puzzle back together again before they can read your holiday message…

travel memories

as well as Map Magnets covering 32 different regions across Australia, and a gorgeous A6 Notebook to jot holiday highlights (or be generous and give one away as a coming home gift!) –

To see all our products in a fun flip on-line magazine click the link below :)

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