Puzzle Postcards

Postcard sized chunks from our signature Australia hand-drawn pictorial Map

Journey Jottings Puzzle Postcard

These jigsaws are each made up of 20 pieces, in a postcard size.
Write on the back of the puzzle postcard
– Take apart and place the pieces in the included Journey Jottings C6 size envelope. Mail it, and the recipient will have to put the puzzle back together to read your message.

Each puzzle postcard is 160mm x 110mm

View Puzzle Postcard Maps in a larger map

These Puzzle Postcards are being discontinued so we only have a limited supply of the few remaining designs below!

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Tasmania – Puzzle Postcard

This Puzzle Postcard covers the South East of Australia, including Tasmania –

Write your message on the back of the puzzle, take the pieces apart and pop in the envelope to post to the recipient, who must work out how the puzzle goes back together again in order to read what you have said!

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