Some Scottish Wildlife

Nothing can beat spotting local wildlife on their home turf ~ During the first few days of my stay in Scotland I spotted this Cock Pheasant doing an evening patrol around the garden… Before departing over the garden wall – Later, with spring in the air I was privy to his courting ritual! …puffing up […]

Our Scottish Neighbours

Our immediate neighbours on one side are a young family… And on the other side we have youngsters…. Otherwise, this is the neighbouring farm as seen over the garden fence… We went over to say hello during my first few days here in Scotland where we got to meet some of the livestock and their […]

Lace Monitors

I frequently go over to Stradbroke Island in the evening to walk. Climbing the sandy hill there’s often the sound of rustling and scuttling in the bush on either side of the track. But hoping to see what makes the noise is generally futile as its survival is dependent upon it remaining invisible to any potential predators  – However, […]