Thirst Quenching – Photo Roulette *114

Who doesn’t love stunning travel photos? Photo Roulette is an ongoing game and an opportunity for travel bloggers to show off examples from their travel photo portfolio – Earlier this year I won Photo Roulette #97 that had the theme “Frozen” – As the winner, I selected and hosted the next round, It’s all in the Detail” […]

But I Can’t Draw

“I can’t draw to save my life” “I credit myself with zero artistic ability“ “I simply cannot draw“ These are all comments left by *you*, my readers, when I’ve been waxing lyrical about the fun and benefits of creating storymaps for recording holiday travel memories, rather than taking what has, to date, been the more traditional route of […]

The One Thing All Travellers Will Forget…

…and my Top 3 Travel Tips to be sure you will remember!   “Passport?” – CHECK “Tickets?” – CHECK “Toothbrush?” – CHECK And you’re off For months you’ve been dreaming of… faraway places and luring landscapes sparkling sunshine and gentle breezes escaping to a world a million miles away For weeks you’ve been researching top travel tips and planning on… where […]

A Travelling Tale… or, How I Finally Got to Whistler

It should have been a simple trip – I was going to spend a week in Nelson, taking a return flight to Castlegar (mid way between Calgary and Vancouver); then return to Vancouver where the Whistler Shuttle (who guarantee that from Vancouver Airport you’ll be on your way within the hour of landing), would not only take me […]

Mondayitis… When the Holiday is Over

Mondayitis… When the Holiday is Over I’ve just faced my first day back at work after a carefree travelling holiday.     I walked in feeling fresh faced and full of excited anticipation ready to implement all the ideas I’d been bottling up during my weeks away…   But within no time I was feeling… What […]