Kata Tjuta – Valley of the Winds – Across the Open Plain

Breathing in the space… The expansive space of the Australian Outback… The last time I felt my chest breathing in the wonderful wide open expansiveness of the Australian outback, this deeply, was when working on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert. When you watch the video below… breath… Can you smell it? (If you […]

The Quirky Character of the Daly Waters Pub

When you’ve been driving for miles (and miles) up the Stuart Highway across the parched outback landscape of central Australia, with the temperature rising… Its a welcome sight to come across… The Historic Daly Waters Pub Situated 600km (370 miles) south of Darwin and 900km (560 miles) north of Alice Springs, the original building was […]

Bush Tucker Tales and Horse Riding with Traditional Owner Jerry Kelly in Tennant Creek

“This bush ‘ere…“ he said, pulling up his horse and swinging his leg over its rump to step out of the stirrup and grab a handful of leaves “I show you” he muttered softly as he slipped his water container off from his back, poured a few drops of liquid gold onto the leaves and rubbed […]

Are Flying Foxes Bats?

We had an almighty storm roll in. So dramatic… The palm trees were battered, trees were brought down, all resulting in no power for 3 days Wind and Rain Wind and rain pounded the house blasting water up under the eaves, where it regrouped into rivulets reappearing as huge splodgy droplets on the inside of […]