Signs of My Time in the GemFields

Funny Australian Signs from Outback Queensland

There can’t be too many places you go on holiday, or for a break, where your destination appears so intent on ensuring you’re left wanting for nothing, as on my recent visit to the Gemfields in central Queensland’s outback.

The Willy Wash

The Willy Wash

First port of call – “The Willy Wash”, which comes decked out with south pacific umbrellas so you don’t get hot and bothered when shaking out the dust and putting your rocks through the willoughby.

Then on to the Big Spanner should you need a little readjustment to Get Your Nuts Tightened.

Get your nuts tightened at... The Big Spanner

Get your nuts tightened at The Big Spanner


All spruced up – It would be perfect to now head down to the Grave Hill Nudist Colony…


Funny Australian Sign Nudist Colony

Grave Hill Nudist Colony


But, slow down… not too fast there!


Funny Sign, slow down

Slow Down This is not a race track. Let our Grandkidz live


Wouldn’t want you following this Gemfield Hot Rod


Funny australian sign on an old wrecked car

Gemfields Hot Rod


And in case you had any thoughts of deviating along the way


Australian Funny Sign - You will be shot

If you dig on this claim you will be shot!!


But once you’re done digging


Funny australian sign - Done Digging

Dundiggin Rd


If you haven’t made your fortune, you could always try your hand at some other profession?


Dundiggin to Pole Dancing

Trying my hand at pole dancing 😉


But on the other hand…
You may now be able to afford to buy Buckingham Palace.
Which on face value, looking at it front on gives a first impression of it all being hunky dory…


Funny australian sign of Buckingham Palace in the Gemfields

Buckingham Palace


But with a secondary sideways glance
The Leaning Palace of Buckingham may be more apt?


Roundabout in outback Australia at rush hour

Be sure you don’t get caught up in the rush hour at the Rubyvale roundabout.

Before you head up to enjoy the sunset atop of Policeman’s Knob.

Viewing the sunset from Policemans Knob near Rubyvale

View from Policeman’s Knob


And the final sign that I was here in the Central Highlands of Queensland was the 25 meter high easel sporting a reproduction of Van Gough’s Sunflowers in the township of Emerald (900km NW of Brisbane, 300km inland from the coast at Rockhampton)


Big Easel Project Emerald Van Gough Sunflowers

Emerald’s Big Easel (for scale, do you see me at the bottom of the left leg?)


The Emerald Easel is part of the Big Easel Project
A project initiated by Cameron Cross, which he hopes will eventually see seven such constructions across the world each portraying one of Van Gough’s seven Sunflower paintings.
The first was made by the artist in Altona, Canada in October 1998.
Emerald’s was the second to be constructed in 1999.
The third was completed in 2001 in Goodland, Kansas, USA.


Map of Gemfields

Map of the Gemfields in Queensland’s Central Highlands where you can dig the tropics


And if this has tickled your fancy – Here’s a link to find out more about how you too can…

Dig the Tropics

What funny Australian signs have you seen on your travels?

Or for that matter, across the world?

Do tell in the comments below 😀

39 thoughts on “Signs of My Time in the GemFields

  1. I did take photos of signs in Australia last fall because your animal warnings were so far different from the animal crossing/warning signs in the Pacific Northwest. I had forgotten about them until reading this wonderful post. I love following your blog – it is a joy to see it come up in my reading list!

  2. I’ve been reading serious blog posts today so what an absolute joy to come across yours which had me so tickled that I laughed out loud at the computer. Sad I know, but wonderful to be reminded of great Aussie humour and someone who has the ability to put it together in a wry, wonderful story with pictures.

    • Aussie’s do have a down to earth humour Leigh –
      I’d say particularly in the outback where life can be tough – Its always good to be able to look on the bright side! 😉

    • You’re right – City folk could learn a lot from bushies!
      There’s a toughness out bush, I guess, that needs humour as an antidote –
      But wouldn’t that approach to city life make it so much more fun?! 😉

  3. These are hysterical and I love the photo of you pole dancing 😉 I’ve only visited Melbourne so haven’t had the opportunity to see the Australian outback. Thanks for the laughs!

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  5. My daughter living in Australia sent me to cafe south of Portland, OR. The name of the cafe “Wankers Cafe.” I sent her a T shirt!

    • Oh Lucy!
      When I first read that I thought you must be pulling my leg – so I had to look it up to see – was there really a Wankers Cafe?
      And yes there is LOL
      The Wankers Corner Saloon Cafe, Oregon 🙂
      Now – that would be a T-Shirt hehe!

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