Capture the Colour of the Northern Territory

We see the world through a rainbow coloured spectrum – But how about focusing on just the primary colours of Red, Blue, Yellow – plus Green and White.

This is the challenge bloggers have been set.

Last year, my Capture the Colour photos primarily reflected my trip to Europe (although my favourite was the one and only shot taken in Australia of Kapi Mutitjulu, a waterhole at Uluru!)

This year, having just returned from the Red Centre and the Top End of Australia, I’m going to:

Capture the Colour of the Northern Territory

White ~ The Spiritual Power of the Northern Territory

aboriginal art NT

Spiritual Power of the Northern Territory

Australia has been home to aboriginals for 40,000 years.
Their spiritual beliefs adorn the ancient rock faces in the Top End with stunning rock art.

On the right of this image is Namarrgon the Lightning Man – You can see the lightning connecting his legs, arms and head, with stone axes on his knees and elbows that makes the thunder.
To the left of him is Namarndjolg and below left of Namarndjolg is his wife Barrginij.

The ochres that are ground down and mixed with a resin fixative to create the rock art are:

  • Haematite to make the Red
  • Limonite to make the Yellow
  • Charcoal to make the Black and
  • Pipeclay makes the White

While the irony of representing the Northern Territory indigenous population with the colour white was not lost on me –

The ethereal nature of spirituality across all cultures is the colour of white light


Green ~ The Power of Nature in the NT – A Biophiliac’s Delight

canoeing Katherine River, NT

Green travel in the Top End


Not only are the pandanus screw pines (often referred to as pandanus palms, despite being no relation to the palm family) growing along the banks of the Katherine River in the Top End lush and green, but floating down the river in a canoe (or a kayak) is a wonderfully green way to travel.

With food for three days and swags to sleep out under the stars on board (see the bedroll in the front), we floated silently down stream playing tag with sea eagles and egrets that flew from tree to tree ahead of us.
Read the full post about kayaking down the river here:
How to Journey into the Outback and Not Carry a Backpack.

A green, eco way to travel 


Blue ~ The Power of the Landscape in the Northern Territory

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon reflected in Kings Creek, Watarrka National Park

This is Kings Canyon, reflected in Kings Creek at Watarrka National Park, Central Australia.

The complementary colour of blue is orange (The ‘complement’ of a colour is a mix of the other two primary colours, so in the case of blue it is red and yellow, which mixed together makes orange)

Seeing complementary colours adjacent to each other is always striking, which is why so many artists use this technique in their paintings.

Seeing the rusty orange Northern Territory landscape against the crystal clear blue central Australia sky is magic.


Red ~ The Warmth of the Northern Territory people

bar b q northern territory

Coming together around the camp fire Bar-B-Q

Bar-B-Q’s are an integral part of Australian life.
And coming together around a campfire is universal.

But standing around a campfire with beef on the bar-b-q, having horse ridden across the cattle station to camp out for the night with the station owner is a true blue Northern Territory experience!

They say its the people you meet that make a trip –
Meeting Sue and Scott on Mt Bundy Station was heart warming.


Yellow ~ Fresh Beginnings at Kathleen Springs

Wildflowers central Australia

Fresh beginnings at Kathleen Springs

Brilliant sunshine and poached egg daisy flowers with their yellow sunny side up against the red centre soil reflects the resplendent rejuvenation Kathleen Springs (close to Watarrka NP – Kings Canyon, central Australia) was experiencing six months after devastating bush fires had ravaged the area.

The Kathleen Springs National Park had only just re-opened a couple of days prior to our visit.
We felt blessed being able to witness this fresh beginning.

Want to know where each of the photographs were taken?

  • White – Anbangbang Rock Art Gallery at Nourlangie in Kakadu
  • Red – Around the camp fire at Mt Bundy Station
  • Green – Floating down the Katherine River
  • Blue – Kings Canyon in the Red Centre – Watarrka National Park
  • Yellow – Kathleen Springs (15 km from Kings Canyon)
Map Northern Territory

Where was each colour photographed? And if you’d like a Journal Map to record YOUR travel adventures on – Click on the Australia map to check them out 🙂

Thank you to Suzanne at Boomeresque, who nominated me –

The overall winner was


18 thoughts on “Capture the Colour of the Northern Territory

    • Thank you Jo 🙂
      I love the Fresh Beginnings photo too as it seems to have so many layers to its story –
      Fresh blooming wildflowers coming to life after the ravages of fire –
      Shadows that could be pioneers venturing into new pastures…
      Or romantically – newly-weds!

  1. I was about to tell you that the blue photo was upside down. I’m glad I waited until I read the text. They are all “rich” with color, but my favorite is the lacy effect you achieved in the last photo with the wild flowers and the shadows. Really lovely.

    • It was so still at the base of the canyon, the creek offered a perfect mirror image!

      I’m so pleased you like the yellow ‘poached egg daisy’ photo –
      I first thought our shadows looked like pioneers venturing out into new frontiers –
      And then the lacy effect made me think we looked like a wedding couple –
      Either way… all synonymous with fresh new starts! 😉

    • Its a fun exercise to focus one’s view and look at photos with a colour-centric lens, don’t you think?
      Makes you look at a region from quite a different perspective! 🙂

  2. This is enlightening the essence and power of the australian outback! Very beautiful photos Linda! Thanks for including me in the list of the 5….I honestly have not understood whether I have to pick a specific theme around the 5 colours (?) or I can choose 5 random photos of Autstralia? Maybe you know this detail….
    Michela @ Rocky Travel Blog recently posted..Port Macquarie Coastal WalkMy Profile

    • This year, as I’ve just come back from the Northern Territory, I thought it would be more fun for me to just select from my Northern Territory photographs –
      But Capture the Colour photos can be a mix of any travel photos from anywhere in the world, Michela –
      Have fun browsing through all your wonderful images 🙂

    • Hey Josie ~
      So pleased you love the poached egg daisies and our shadows –
      For some reason I feel it looks like a wedding photo!
      Its certainly a photo that emits love – our love for travel, love of landscape, and love for desert vegetation 😀

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