How to Enjoy the Year that Was

Farewell 2011… Welcome 2012

As we herald in a New Year I’m always excited by the blank canvas that lays before me.

What will I fill the empty spaces with?

Map Year at a Glance

Will it go as anticipated?

…or will there be serendipitous encounters resulting in spontaneous changes of plan

(as in taking an on the spur trip to the Red Centre? 😉 )

The best part of any year is being able to look back and enjoy the memories!

Here is my year at a glance for 2010

Year at a Glance

2010 ~ Year at a Glance


And now 2011…

Year at a Glance

2011 Year at a Glance


I’m not keen on resolutions (definition: A firm decision to do or not to do something) but I love change (definition: Make or become different).

To be resolute seems so blinkered, so fixed – You either do or don’t, you either have or you haven’t!

But aiming for change means even the smallest improvement towards the end aim is a huge success 🙂

So, what changes filled our 2011 blank canvas?

Year at a Glance


January ~ Our Map Magnets are Made in Australia and to avoid unnecessary transportation are manufactured within 50km of our Brisbane base


Year at a Glance


February ~ Having sold over 100,000 Mail-It Maps we publish the 5th edition folded this time to a DL shape, supplied with an enviro envelope and a funky translucent presentation band.



Year at a Glance


March ~ We discontinue the Scrapbook Pack, now offering the Jotting Boxes (that came in this pack for adding journalling and comments to your photo albums) via a download ~ Check out our Downloads page


Year at a Glance


April/May We celebrate TWO years of blogging



January to May 2011… 

Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance



June ~ To transpose our hand-drawn images from the drawing board to the press, we have a new member join the Journey Jottings team.
Year at a Glance
July ~ We develop a new product to add to the Journey Jottings range – Jigsaw Puzzle Postcards!



Year at a Glance


August ~ With 30 Map Magnets covering regions across Australia, we add TWO more magnets to the range!



Year at a Glance



September ~ This fabulous NEW website goes live 🙂



Year at a Glance



October ~ We add #09 to the Puzzle Postcard range


Year at a Glance



November ~ Off on a Red Centre Road trip to do some Journey Jotting 😉


Year at a Glance


December ~ Phil, Journey Jottings’ Customer Service Manager flies to Europe, on a well deserved break. Travel is in the blood of all our Journey Jottings team 😀



June to December 2011

Year at a Glance

 Do you jot down a note somewhere to acknowledge your achievements?

What were your highlights for 2011?

Do share in the comments below…

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5 thoughts on “How to Enjoy the Year that Was

  1. All the best for 2012 Lindy, and here’s to you getting to New York some time in the future.

    I’ve enjoyed your photos, particularly of the Red Centre. Keep up your fabulous adventures.


    • I love following your adventures in New York Catherine 🙂

      I’m hoping to do more travelling this coming year…
      The Red Centre trip was spontaneous and such fun 😉

      I’ll be putting up plenty more posts of that adventure in the coming weeks ~
      The next one up being on the sheer walls of Standley Chasm in the MacDonnell Ranges, west of Alice Springs, so stay posted!

  2. You have such a wonderful talent for drawing and design. I love your pictures and what a great way to record a year.
    I do keep a journal and lots of photos separated into files by month, but the biggest thing I did was to publish a book about my first year housesitting. That sure has been a big way to record my year.
    I joined your year just recently, but thanks for all the posts. I love seeing the places you visit.

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