Rainbow visions for 2011

Its New Year’s Eve!

An evening of optimism and anticipation ~

New Years Eve is like a rainbow ~

No matter how dark or stormy the end of year may be, a glimmer of sunshine always filters through to create a streaming arch of colour lifting you up, and over, and who knows, maybe to that elusive crock of gold awaiting on the other side!

Irks from the last year are shed, and possibilities for the new year planned ~

What dreams and aspirations lie somewhere over your rainbow?

Here in Queensland we’ve had wild weather over the festive season ~ In fact we saw record low temperatures in November, record rainfall in December and our dams that were dangerously low (down to 20% capacity) are now overflowing. But with that comes sights like this from our office window 🙂

What lies at the end of that rainbow?

Will 2011 be the year we find out? 😉

Keep me posted in the comments below!

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