Year at a Glance – October 2010

Each month I take a highlight from the goings-on at Journey Jottings and put it in a box on a Map Journal that I’m creating called ~

Year at a Glance 2010 ~

so come December I’ll have the year simply summarized on a single sheet showing where we’ve come from and where we’ve got to 😉

This month was pretty auspicious in that in the throws of reviewing our Mail-It Map ready for the 5th edition, we suddenly realised that to date,

we’ve published and sold 100,000 Mail-It Maps.

October 2010

Click here to see my other highlights for 2010

What was your *highlight* for October?


Its good to reflect and acknowledge what you’ve achieved,

so please add it in the comments below

before it gets overlooked and forgotten 😉

7 thoughts on “Year at a Glance – October 2010

    • So important to acknowledge at least a highlight a month or the year flies by and you’re left wondering where it went 😉
      Easter Islands sound wonderful 😀

  1. My highlight of October 2010 was my trip to Australia:) Visited Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and the wonderful Outback in New South Wales.
    By the way, I saw Journey Jotting products in quite a few Outback places 🙂

    • What a GREAT highlight Rita 😀
      Sounds like a fabulous trip ~
      And always fun to hear where our Journey Jottings have been spotted 😉
      Thanks so much for dropping by!

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