Year at a Glance – September 2010

This month we made it onto the

Top 100 Independent Travel Websites List.

The list is made up of the most amazing travel websites from across the world.

Websites by people who are on the road blogging as they go, and those who have hung up their boots to now share their wealth of knowledge to enrich your travelling experience.

So, this month’s highlight was to make it into the Top 100 😉

At the end of each month I enter a Journey Jottings highlight on a Map Journal so at year’s end I’ll have 2010 simply summarized on a single sheet ~ The image above is September’s entry.

Click on the ‘2010‘ tag to see ‘my year at a glance’ so far 🙂

Have you jotted your September highlight down somewhere?

If not, will you remember? 😉

Add *YOUR* September highlight in the Comments below *NOW*

10 thoughts on “Year at a Glance – September 2010

  1. That is so awesome, Linda! Congratulations.

    We are setting up an awesome Outback Travel site and would love to promote Journey Jottings! In fact, I would love to promote JJ on my book blog!

    • Pleased you like the image Brendan, and lovely to see you here! LOL
      Exciting making the list for the first time last month – so was super inspirational ~

      Hoping our commitment to simply summarizing travel memories will keep us clawing our way up so we won’t always be wobbling on the brink wondering which way we’re going to fall each week 😀

  2. Congratulations, Linda. This is an excellent achievement.

    My September highlight was signing enough ‘big corporation’ consulting business to cover all costs for the next 18 months. It’s just wonderful the way long-term business works – something I never take for granted.

    Best wishes, Robin 🙂
    Robin Dickinson recently posted..Take the Richard Branson Business Success TestMy Profile

    • WOW Robin ~ That sounds like some ‘highlight’!
      Great to have assured work locked in for 18 months so you can feel free enough to also work on other interesting ventures 😉

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