We went across the Bay in the boat…

Took the tinny over to Stradbroke Island in Moreton Bay (off Brisbane, Queensland) over the weekend

Stradbroke Island

…and went for a gorgeous walk along the beach

Walk along beach on Stradbroke Island

We looked up in this eucalyptus

And saw half way up the tree…

Osprey in Tree

An Osprey

Here are some close ups 😉



Osprey sitting on a branch in a tree



close up photo of an Osprey sitting on a branch


And then the Osprey stretched

I’ve seen Osprey flying overhead often enough but not being very good at panning the camera to keep up with them have never actually managed to catch one on film before!

Osprey stretching

Such a thrill 😀

What wildlife have you seen that’s given you that tingle of delight?
Do share in the comments below!


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