The Downsides to Air Travel

The downsides to long haul air travel are all ‘D’s…

Dehydration, DVT and Deafness (as the pressure changes on descent) 🙁

Air travel

To overcome these, here are my tips –

Dehydration: I take a water bottle with me – Whilst there can be no liquid in it as you board (current security) the larger planes have water stations where you can help yourself and keep refilling your own container throughout the flight – Fill it up before you take off (or if you have no bottle ask the cabin crew for one) so you can start sipping without having to wait for the first round of refreshments, which what with take off and depending on where you’re sitting, could be a while – Then keep drinking – water that is (alcohol is best avoided) as it makes you feel a whole lot better when you arrive at your destination and so reduces jet lag 🙂

Prepare for takeoff

DVT: The in-flight magazines and often the in-flight entertainment show you exercises to help avoid Deep Vein Thrombosis, which can occur from being couped up on a long haul flight ~ But on top of doing these, I wear special flight socks (compression socks) that I put on up to two hours before takeoff; and wherever there’s a stop-over I make the most of the time to get some serious exercise! Having sat for anything up to 13 hours the last thing I want to do is sit in a transit lounge so, ensuring I have the boarding gate number and location committed to memory I set off for a brisk timed 15 minute walk away from the gate, making the return trip a good half hour walk to get the blood flowing – If the queue for re-boarding is long I’ll continue to walk away and back on shorter time spans.

Airplane Travel

Deafness: Some pilots are better at keeping the pressure stable in the cabin on descent than others! But if, like me, you’re sensitive to the pressure that presses on your eardrums till you can’t even hear the roar of the engines you’ll know how incredibly uncomfortable it is – I’ve tried chewing lollies, yawning and blowing my nose (holding nose closed whilst blowing) all said to alleviate the discomfort,  but on this last trip I resorted to Otrivine, which is a decongestant that really does work a treat, and as absorption is quick I waited to see how the pilot was doing before applying 😀

Engine power

But the fun of flying can’t be denied

Up, Over & Out of Australia 😉

An opportunity to see places from a different viewpoint

Above the clouds

Like this runway approach coming in over Tower Bridge to land in the City of London…

Coming into London over Tower Bridge

Happy flying 😀

Photos were all taken on my trip from Australia to Great Britain

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