Scotland & a Drop of Rain

The weather during my second week in Scotland was a little damper!

However, despite the wet we ventured out into the Galloway Forest and up to see the Grey Mare’s Tail waterfall in full flow ~ (There are several waterfalls in GB with this name – This one is in the Galloway Forest Park on the Queens Way in South West Scotland)

The wild and wet is all a part of the Scottish landscape…

And the misty mountains are a major part of the atmospheric beauty here.

As are the wonderful trees ~ Such as the stoic Scots Pine 🙂

Amongst the russets of the dead bracken and the purple of the heather is the brilliant yellow of the prickly Gorse bushes –

Seen here after the rain!

3 thoughts on “Scotland & a Drop of Rain

  1. …I so want to travel ‘now’! Between your pics of Scotland, @Julie_Wise sharing Oman stories, ,y folks heading to Egypt & Jordan in 2wks and @Puggles99 packing for Italy…it’s all too much. Gorgeous photos Linda. The atmosphere has really been captured. Hope you’re having a terrific time. x

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