Not quite so spontaneous…?

“I’m not sure where to start” is a common cry with anything new!

Whether that be the first gleaming white page in a new travel journal or your new Map Journal.

Making that first mark on your Map Journal can be a little daunting ~ but remember there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ mark or ‘messy’ mark – Whatever mark you make is simply part of your story.

However, like artists who have their sketch pads to practice on there’s no harm in having a little trial run – Practice does make perfect!

If you feel nervous about making a mess or a mark you’re not going to be happy with, make some cheap photocopies of some of the jotting boxes and then really let loose 😀

How to - Photocopy

However, this is only a short term confidence builder! Don’t practice and plan so much that the entries become contrived –

Spontaneity is the key to really sparking those memories back to life in years to come!

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4 thoughts on “Not quite so spontaneous…?

  1. I agree, it’s the spontaneity which is so important. Your idea of making photocopies so that you can play around a bit and not worry about getting things wrong is a great idea. I looked back at a photo of Tirtha Gangga in Bali yesterday, which I took when backpacking in 1983. I wished I’d drawn it because the photo I took last week was so very very different. Having a sketch of the same place would have been awesome.

    • So… the next question is… did you stop to sketch this, or any other views this time? So when you go back in another ‘X’ years you’ll have them to look back on, reminisce and say, gosh I am so happy I was here to experience this beautiful place before change overran it 😉
      And here is it’s essence, captured in these few measly marks!

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