9th December 1878 – 74th day

“Up at 8.15 Doing about 4 knots an hour all day. Joey was very successful this morning & caught a large molly-hawk which measured 8ft 2 inches from wing to wing.

Skinning a Molly Hawk

The skinning process has been gone through and the bones will make capital pipe stems, the feet make good tobacco pouches and the skin itself is a beautiful white on the breast and brownish black on the back. He has peppered it well and if it turns out well he is going to send it home. I hope he may be able to catch an albatross before we get to the end of the voyage. Very wet for the evening so we turned in at 9 sharp”

Extract from A.Whelen’s Australia travel journal sailing from England in 1878 aboard the iron clipper ‘Hesperides’


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