11th December 1878 – 76th day

“Yesterday we did 278 miles in the 24 hours an average of 11 and a half knots an hour. Last week we only did 7 knots on average every day. Although only a little better I got up today as it is such dreadful slow work being shut up there for 36 hours at a stretch. The thermometer registers 68 degrees today which is warmer than we have been having. One day last week it was down to 38 degrees. Since the 20th Nov we haven’t seen a single ship as they are all going the same way here which makes a great difference as there is always a novelty in having a companion.

Pipe and Tobacco Box

While cutting the bread & butter for tea this evening I nearly cut the palm of my hand through but healed it up very quickly by means of a little chewed tobacco which is a remedy highly to be recommended. Bed at 9pm”

Travel journal extract sailing from England in 1878 aboard the iron clipper ‘Hesperides’
Written by A.Whelen


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